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About Me

                                                      After spending 7 years working in France as a water                                                        sports instructor in the summer and chalet                                                                          hosting/ski guiding in the winter, I pursued my                                                                  passion for fitness by completing a diploma in                                                                    Personal Training in 2013. For my own personal                                                                  development within the fitness industry, I wanted to                                                        understand more about the functioning of the                                                                    human body with regards to alternative methods for                                                        recovery so I completed a course in Swedish,                                                                    Remedial and Sports Massage. After many injuries                                                            whilst snowboarding and receiving massage treatment for a dislocated shoulder, I was amazed by what was achievable from the variety of different techniques used within a sports and remedial massage. The techniques I learned from this qualification and incorporating the knowledge gained as a personal trainer, has helped me to be able to assess and treat the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, and pain and injury management, in both a clinical and sporting environment.

I established Massage and Move in 2015 providing massage therapy in and around Perthshire, Scotland.  Since then, I have always strived to progress within this industry by attending CPD courses in instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation and travelling to Amsterdam to complete my TPI level 1 qualification.

Since starting, I have treated a variety of different people ranging from professional sports athletes to joiners, hairdressers and cleaners.  A sports massage is not just for an athlete as from the nature of our working environment this can cause an imblance with our posture resulting in stress on the muscles and joints.